A Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube A moving cube

The Amazon Basics 530-Piece Fundamental Particle Set and the Amazon Basics 240-Piece Fundamental Anti-Particle Set positioned naturally on a wooden table, surrounded by a hammer, a pair of safety glasses, and a couple of potted cacti

Amazon Basics 530-Piece Fundamental Particle Set Hypothetical product concept

A brass compass

Objects Exercises in modelling and rendering

A gold Lucky Cat sitting on a desk

Lucky Cat Items that aren't on my desk

Birds of various sizes and colour wearing hats

Bird Builder Build birds of some shapes and sizes

A sleepy bird

Ask the Bird A magic 8-bird

Drone bottom view

AL-Drone A drone concept

A fridge opening and closing

Afternoon Spaghetti A game about cheese, goodwill and transdimensional fridge theft